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Jumat, 06 September 2013

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Resmi: iPhone 5S dan 5C akan diumumkan 10 September

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Jika anda penggemar produk dari Apple ini, silakan berdebar dan catat tanggalnya. Apple akan meluncurkan produk terbarunya: iPhone 5S dan 5C pada tanggal 10 September 2013. Undangan telah disebar untuk menghadiri peluncuran produk baru ini.
Undangan peluncuran Apple iPhone 5

Namun, tidak seperti biasanya yang dilakukan di Yerba Buena Center, peluncuran akan dilakukan di markas Apple di Cupertino. Tidak banyak petunjuk yang diberikan perusahaan tentang apa yang baru dari iPhone ini. Yang pasti, rumor dan undangan mengindikasikan bahwa salah satunya akan berwarna-warni (Pada undangan tertulis: this should brighten evryone's day).

Entah pada aspek yang mana? Mungkin senter warna-warni yang akan menjadi pembuat tren baru? Mungkin sesuatu yang akan membuat hidup kita penuh warna? Mungkin sesuatu yang jauh dari perkiraan kita.
Berikut ini adalah tampilan dari bocoran desain iPhone 5.

Tampilan desain iPhone 5
Ya, sepertinya tidak ada perubahan menyolok dari sisi desain luar. Dan memang, seperti itulah kebiasaan Apple. Mereka membuat produk yang tampilan luarnya tak berubah untuk beberapa generasi. Mereka memfokuskan pada pembaruan bagian dalam dan fungsi. Dan yang pasti, iOS 7 adalah perubahan yang bisa kita harapkan dari generasi sebelumnya.


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  2. The much-anticipated announcement is finally confirmed: the unveiling of the iPhone 5S and 5C is set for September 10. This news has sent ripples of excitement through the tech world, as Apple enthusiasts eagerly await the latest advancements in mobile technology. The iPhone 5S is poised to deliver a host of innovative features, potentially including a faster processor, enhanced camera capabilities, and possibly even biometric security measures. On the other hand, the introduction of the iPhone 5C, rumored to be a more budget-friendly option, is likely to democratize access to Apple's renowned ecosystem. This announcement not only marks a significant milestone for Apple but also sets the stage for a new era of cutting-edge smartphones that are bound to leave a lasting impact on the industry. September 10 can't come soon enough for tech aficionados eager to get their hands on these highly-anticipated devices.
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  3. "Pengumuman iPhone 5S dan 5C pada 10 September" merupakan peristiwa yang dinantikan dalam dunia teknologi, menandai langkah terbaru Apple dalam inovasi perangkat seluler. Acara pengumuman tersebut diharapkan membawa peningkatan signifikan dalam teknologi dan fitur-fitur terbaru yang dihadirkan oleh kedua model ini. Dengan ekspektasi yang tinggi dari penggemar Apple, kini semua mata tertuju pada tanggal 10 September untuk melihat inovasi apa yang akan ditawarkan oleh iPhone 5S dan 5C, serta bagaimana mereka akan mengubah dinamika pasar perangkat seluler.
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  4. The anticipation surrounding the announcement of the iPhone 5S and 5C on September 10 is reaching a fever pitch, with tech enthusiasts eagerly awaiting Apple's latest innovations. The prospect of unveiling two models, the rumored higher-end iPhone 5S and the more budget-friendly iPhone 5C, has stirred excitement and speculation about the features and design enhancements Apple will introduce. As the tech giant prepares to showcase its new offerings, the industry is abuzz with expectations of cutting-edge technology, improved performance, and perhaps a splash of design ingenuity. The September 10 announcement is poised to set the stage for the next chapter in iPhone evolution, and the tech community is holding its breath in anticipation of Apple's latest strides in smartphone innovation.
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  5. Apple's next announcements, the iPhone 5S and 5C, promise exciting changes to the company's smartphone lineup. With its A7 chip and M7 motion coprocessor, the iPhone 5S promises improved performance. A fingerprint sensor is also reportedly included for increased security. Conversely, a more accessible pricing point and a vibrant design are expected for the iPhone 5C, which will make it available to a larger range of users. Apple hopes to satisfy both luxury and cost-conscious customers with these new offerings, giving them all options. Await the formal unveiling to learn about all the features and advancements that these models offer.
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  6. The eagerly anticipated announcement of the iPhone 5S and 5C on September 10 is poised to set the tech world abuzz with excitement and anticipation. As Apple enthusiasts eagerly await the unveiling of the latest additions to the iconic iPhone lineup, speculation runs rampant about the new features, designs, and innovations that will distinguish these devices from their predecessors. With rumors swirling about enhanced performance, cutting-edge technology, and vibrant color options, the September 10 event promises to be a milestone moment in the evolution of the iPhone, marking yet another chapter in Apple's legacy of innovation and excellence in the realm of mobile technology.
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